Safeguarding Sea Turtles and Locals in 4K

A turtle conservation group based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, confronts turtle nest poaching and marine pollution by convincing locals that conservation is not associated with loss.

Descendants of the Social Seedlings in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai Youth Conservation of Forest Network (TCFN) of Chiang Mai harnesses the collective power of youth, planting more than 30,000 seedlings to distribute to local communities and organizing environmental camps in Chiang Mai’s forest to encourage dedication to nature among youths.

Sustainable farming: How to change your community by yourself

A local young lady called Ira Syahriani, who just graduated from a biology major, established Dongan Markobun to introduce sustainable agriculture practices to the local farmers and break the norm of “farmers earning very little” in her hometown.

Meet the Malaysian students turning your trash into treasure

In the rural Malaysian state of Terengganu, a group of ocean-loving university students and lecturers band together to upcycle ocean plastic into sell-out merchandise. Facing the adversaries of being a pioneer in plastic waste sustainability in the state, they channel their youthful ambition to inspire their peers and their community to champion the environment.

Young Hearts and Big Plans to Fight Air Pollution

Sakurako Masuda (Rudo), a 19-year-old female student who grew up in the severe air pollution of Chiang Mai, Thailand, spreads awareness about air pollution in her hometown through her project called FFF. Despite criticism from adults, Rudo calls her fellow youth to action through her belief in the power and minds of the youth in ASEAN.

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