Silent Heroes of Southeast Asia

Many eco-projects in Southeast Asia can change the world but they’re not always good at telling the world about it.

Environmentalists may be saving the planet, but they’re not always good at selling themselves.

Without the right guidance, eco-projects from Southeast Asia risk losing their context, ambitions, and impact when translated to a wider and more generalized English-speaking audience.

Main Concept

Meet EcoCupid – your go-to platform for connecting with eco-projects in Southeast Asia. We write and film their green ideas on our social platforms, and train environmentalists to spread their love for the environment beyond language and country borders.

EcoCupid is Southeast Asia’s environmentalist-focused social network platform that curates inspirational eco-projects and educational content through multilingual media. We are an environmental media project.

Our Guiding Principles


aspiring and early-stage environmentalists and their projects across Southeast Asia together and invite collaborations with philanthropic, consulting, and business institutions.


the voices of ambitious, impactful, and local Eco-Heroes in Southeast Asia through multilingual written, video, and graphic media content.


through educating our audiences across multiple languages and demographics about environmental information and solutions that inspire individual action.

What can EcoCupid do for YOU?

Media upskilling for environmentalists
We can share our media skills with young environmental leaders across Southeast Asia. All of us at EcoCupid are leading environmentalists ourselves. We want to give back to society by guiding you there. We’ve all been there once.
Connect with environmentalists friends across Southeast Asia
Join us and get to know more people flighting for the environment just like you in other countries within Southeast Asia. Our network can help you to reach out to unlikely friends and partners that you can learn from and collaborate someday.
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