Eco-Heroes [EcoCupid on a Bike | EP 0]

EcoCupid on a Bike

1 May 2023

by huy

I’m huy, a member of EcoCupid from Vietnam and I’m riding a bicycle across 11 ASEAN countries with the mission of EcuCupid in mind, connecting all environmental projects in South East Asia together.

Since 24th November 2022, I’ve ridden 600 km through 8 Vietnamese provinces and cities to discover potential environmental projects and study what’s really happening with the environment in Vietnam. 

I have encountered a Cham intellectual trying to use the traditional charcoal-making process to fertilise the land and complete the circle of sustainable agriculture. 

I have seen how coral reefs in Ca Na were harvested to sell on the highway and had a deep talk with locals about why they are doing that. 

I have hiked various national parks and interviewed their managers and found out how they are protecting the forests and mountains there while maintaining the livelihood of ethnic people.

I have been beaten by the glaring sun of Phan Rang, and washed to the sidewalk by the wind of Phan Thiet. I’ve received so much love and care in Mui Ne, made lifetime-lasting friendships in Ninh Thuan and painted so many wonders along the way.

In the first episode of EcoCupid On A Bike series, we will visit Ninh Thuan and learn about the relationship between Cham people’s traditional charcoal making and sustainable agriculture.

I’m Huy, and this is EcoCupid On A Bike.

This article was produced with support from YSEALI SEEDS for the Future grant 2023.


huy, from Vietnam, is Ecocupid’s web developer. He is currently riding his bicycle all around Southeast Asia doing crazy stuff, learning about various cultures and discovering emerging environmental projects for EcoCupid’s platform.

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